Element Options

Description of element properties

The Element Options view shows a list of properties that can modify the look and feel of the selected element.

Element options for Text Elements
Element options for Group Elements

When exporting an artboard, Web Export translates the graphics on the artboard into HTML code. In other words, it converts an artboard element like this:

Into code like this:

It goes from a visual graphic design in XD to HTML code. That HTML goes from code back into a visual design when loaded into a browser.

The Element options form is a way to modify, update or remove the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that is exported.

Depending on the element type there may be a few more or a few less options shown.

The following list describes each field in order.


Identity - The identity attribute or id defines a unique name of an element.

Tag Name - The tag name and sub tag name fields allow you to define the tag names of the exported elements.

Styles - Additional styles provide a way to define or modify the styles of an element.

Classes - Additional classes provide a way to define a group of styles or properties for one or more elements.

Attributes - Additional attributes provide a way to set the attributes of an element to adjust or configure their behavior.

Hyperlink - Set hyperlinks on elements to visit different pages.

Size - Set the different width and height sizing options.

Markup inside - Markup inside is a powerful way to set your own HTML.

Markup before and after - Markup before and after provides a way to add HTML before and after an element.

Text ids - Find a range of text and give it an id

Text tokens - Find and replace text in a text group

Overflow - Set whether content that is larger than it's original size shows scrollbars, is hidden or is visible.

Positioning - Set an element to anchor to the left, top, bottom, right edge of it's container or if it is centered horizontally or vertically in it's container. Also known as constraints.

Displayed - If unchecked then the element is not displayed. Element is still exported.

Export - If unchecked then the element is not exported at all.

Export as Image - If checked the element is converted into a static image of what it looks like in the artboard

Debug Element - Shows helpful information for developers.

Show Outline - Adds an outline around the element when the page is viewed in the browser.

Group Row Layout - Sets horizontal layout rules to items inside of a group

Group Column Layout - Sets horizontal layout rules to items inside of a group

Group Layout Alignment - Determines how items are aligned inside of a layout group

Group Items - Determines how items are spaced inside of a layout group

Group Wrap - Determines how items are wrapped inside of a layout group

Self Alignment - Determines how an individual item is aligned inside a layout group