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Examples packages contain 10 plus working examples for Web Export.

Examples Package

  • Attributes - Additional attributes provide a way to set the attributes of an element to adjust or configure their behavior.
  • Auto export - Export as you make changes
  • Markup before and after - Markup before and after provides a way to add HTML before and after an element.
  • Hover Effects - Hover effects provide a way to add interactivity or behaviors to one or more elements
  • Scaling - Scaling provides a way to fit content to the available space
  • Materialize Pack 1 - Materialize presents effective UI and UX components including 20 examples
  • YouTube - This examples provides examples embedding a YouTube video
  • Twitter - This example provides an example embedding a Twitter post or Twitter feed Identity - The identity attribute or id defines a unique name of an element.
  • Tag Name - The tag name and sub tag name fields allow you to define the tag names of the exported elements.
  • Styles - Additional styles provide a way to define or modify the styles of an element.
  • Classes - Additional classes provide a way to define a group of styles or properties for one or more elements.
  • Change styles by size - Change element styles as you resize the browser
  • Code blocks - Add code or styles to the page
  • Markup inside - Markup inside is a powerful method to add HTML content inside the element tag…
  • Constraints - How to dynamically position elements
  • Row Layout - How to position and space items in a row
  • Column Layout - How to position and space items in a column
  • Text ids - Find a range of text and give it an id
  • Text tokens - Find and replace text in a text group
  • Hyperlink - Set hyperlink around elements
  • Size - Set the different sizing options
  • Wordpress I - Create a WordPress theme
  • Media query - Show different artboards by screen width
  • Image compare - Create a screenshot to compare with output
  • Dynamic height page - Allow page to grow in height to the content
  • No javascript message - Show a message when JavaScript is disabled
  • Lists - Add list items with using a repeat grid
  • Responsive page with media query - Show artboard by size
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