Tag Name

Tag name and sub tag name allow you to define the tag names of the exported elements.

In the tag name field enter the tag name you want to use.

To set the tag name to a Paragraph enter “p” in the tag name field.

Sub tag names are applied to the child elements. If there are no child elements the sub tag name is ignored.

Set the tag name to “none” to prevent the entire tag from being exported.

Use the dropdown to choose from a list of predefined values.

You can get unexpected results by changing this value that can break the look or functionality of the element.

This only changes the tag name but still uses all of the original styles and properties and sub tags. Use markup inside field for using your own markup.

You can add your own tag names to the tag name dropdown by using the following steps:

  • In Adobe XD open plugin folder

  • Go to the Web Export plugin

  • Create an “addons” folder

  • Create a tagnames.txt file

  • Add each tag name you’d like to add to the file each on separate lines

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