Text Tokens

Replace tokens with other values

Text tokens allow you to find text and replace it with another value.

The text to find and text to replace is a name and value pair written as, “name:value”.

For example, if the text in a text field was, “Click here to go to the home page.” and you set the text token as,

here:<a href="/home">here</a>

then the final HTML output would be,

Click <a href="/home">here</a> to go to the home page.

Separate each text token name and value pair with a semicolon.


If either the name or the value contains a colon then use double colon to separate the name and value:

text::<a href="http://">text</a>

To remove text leave the value empty:


To use text tokens select a text field and open the element options:

In the Text Tokens field enter the text you want to find and then the text you want to replace it with:



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