Alternative Fonts

Specifying page fonts

The Alternative Fonts field allows you to set a font for the entire page.

Fonts are an interesting part of web development. You may have a font installed on your local computer that gives you all the styles and typography for your designs but someone else might not have that font.

When they view your page online the font may be missing and when the browser can't find that font it will chose a substitute font.

There are many ways to handle this situation but a relatively safe way is to specify alternative fonts.

If your font is fixed width (Courier) use:


If your font has serifs (Times New Roman) use:


If your font has no serifs (Helvetica) use:


This gives you a close approximation when the fonts are missing.

You can separate multiple fonts using a comma or a space:

Note: You can also define fonts in the artboard Additional Styles field:

See the Element Options section for more details on this.

Embedding fonts is another option.

You can remove all text formatting from a text field by entering the -text keyword in the styles field.

Be sure to test your site on other browsers and computers.

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