Linking to pages or views

Link from page to page or view to view

The hyperlink field provides a way to create a link from your current view to another page or view.

When you create a Prototype in Adobe XD you are creating links from one artboard to another.

You can create links to other pages manually or you can create links via prototype.

When you export to the web with Web Export any element that has an interaction to go to another artboard will be linked by default to another page or view.

The links that you create in Prototype mode that are created during export are called Inherited links or prototype links because you did not manually assign them or enter them.

The inherited prototype links have a different icon than manual links.

You can detach the prototype links by using the detach or clear link button.

The link that's created will be a link to a page or a link to a view.

In other words the links to artboards will point to "page2.html" or "goToView("page2")" depending on if you have Multipage or Single Page selected in the Export Artboard dialog.

To open the page in a new browser window set the hyperlink target to "_blank".

Sometimes you may not want a link to be wrapped around an element for styling reasons but be a link element itself.

You can change this by selecting the element, changing it's tag name to "a" for anchor and then entering the hyperlink attributes in the attributes field. If you manually create a link remove any automatic links set in the hyperlink field by erasing the field or using the detach link button.

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