The location of the server for creating a server hyperlink shortcut

The Server field is used to create hyperlinks to open your page after export from Web Export dialogs and panels.

You can enter the URL to a server in the server field (in the Export Artboard dialog).

Enter your server name and be sure to add a slash at the end if needed. Use the Verify Server button on the right to check that the server is reachable.

If the server is verified a green checkmark icon appears.

If the server can't be found a red icon appears.

The server field does not have to validate to be used.

It is common to forget to put the slash character, "/" at the end of the server value.

After this is setup and after you perform an export you can click on the Server link button and the page will load in your default browser.

Due to operating system limitations all calls in Adobe XD are made over secure HTTPS not HTTP except for or localhost. This means that clicking the link will not open the browser. Use the URL hyperlink button or copy URL link button instead. There may be other exceptions. Using HTTP may error out but the server field is stored as a string and is concatenated with the exported file name.

You can setup a local web server using software like WAMP or MAMP fairly easily. Setting up a local server may make testing and creating web pages easier. Read more in how to setup a local server.

You can also open the exported by pages by using Visual Studio Code and Live Server as mentioned in Setting up a Server.

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