Install the Plugin

  • In Adobe XD go to the menu option Plugins menu and select Discover Plugins

  • Search for "Web Export" Note: If it's not listed make sure you are using the latest version of XD since it will not appear when using older versions of XD.

  • Click on the Install button

Web Export is now installed and you will see it in the Plugins menu.

Purchased Version

If you have purchased a license you've received a zip document containing the plugin zip along with other content.

Once you have downloaded the zip, double click on it to expand it to its own directory.

Inside the folder you will see an XDX file with the title Web Export and the version. Double click on this to prompt Adobe XD to install it.

Alternatively, drag and drop the XDX file onto Adobe XD program icon.

It will ask if you would like to install the plugin.

Choose yes as long as the version you are installing is newer than the version you have installed.

Make sure you are up to date on both Adobe XD and the plugin.

The version that you download may or may not be as new as the version in the Plugin Marketplace.

The version in the Plugin Marketplace is easier to keep updated (at this time) but it may not always be the newest.

When installing choose to the keep the newest version.


The purchased version comes with a folder of examples.

Each example comes with its own guide inside of the project on how to use the feature.

Double click on the XD file and Adobe XD will open the project.

The left side will have a guide and the right side will contain the artboards examples for export.

There may be one artboard that exports all artboards at the same time.

Select this artboard and export it to a folder and all the artboards will be exported.

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