Column Layout

Define vertical layout rules for items in a group

Column layout allows you to layout items in a column.

Set the item spacing to define how items in the row are distributed.

Use two of the items to size the width and height of the group.

You may remove the group width or height using the -height, -width in the additional styles field.

Items in the group can have their own alignment. If an item is in a row or column layout group that has an additional self-alignment field available.

Set the alignment to override the row or column alignment.

Items are ordered by their order in the layers panel not how they are aligned visually.

Use the row layout (reverse) option to reverse the order of items.

Set the items alignment to left, middle, right or baseline to set the horizontal alignment.

To set define a column layout select a group with items in it. Optionally move the group items to manually size the group.

Set the spacing in the Group Item spacing field

Set the horizontal alignment in the item alignment field

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