Styling elements

Setting element styles

When Web Export exports an element to HTML it defines as few styles as possible but there are times when you may want to add, remove or change a style.

You can set easily add or overwrite the styles of an element using the Styles field in the Element Option dialog or panel.

For example, if you have a text element and want the text to have different letter spacing you could select the element and set the letter spacing style:

When you set additional styles fields they will overwrite an existing style of the same name if it's already set.

In the Styles field the format is the name of the style and then it’s value. If you have multiple styles separate them by a semicolon.

You can remove all styles with the -all directive. You can remove individual styles with the -style directive. You can add styles back in after using -all with the name of style directive.

On text fields you can remove all text styles by using -text.

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